Bayville, Berkeley

Purchasing a home at Hickory Farms was a wonderful experience. From the moment we took our first tour of the model, to the day we moved in, we worked with some of the most dedicated individuals in the business. The people we worked with during each step truly cared about our home and making sure it was everything we had dreamed of. As first time home buyers, my wife and I weren’t sure what to expect from the process, and the good people of Hickory Farms blew away our expectations. Lisa Soubasis (the listing real estate agent) took us by the hand day one and walked us through the entire process, making sure we were satisfied with the results of each step. If we had any questions or concerns she addressed them immediately. She was extremely professional and it really felt like she took a personal interest in our home. We picked all of our selections in a two hour session with Sue, and she was extremely helpful and informative, making what should have been a tedious process very easy. The greenhouse bump out is something extremely unique and was one of the main things that sold us on the home. Even the people that handled much of our paperwork via email (Hindy and her team) made life very easy. The builders themselves know exactly what they are doing, and built a very sound home for us. They also corrected any concerns we had immediately as well. Hickory Farms is a beautiful development, filling very quickly with a wonderful group of families. It is located in Bayville, which is a very affordable, up and coming area ready to boom. With such beautiful homes, in a very family oriented growing town, and a group of people in Hickory Farms that truly care; why would you buy a new home anywhere else?

— Anonymous