Julie C., Jackson, NJ

I found Lisa Soubasis by the most awesome moment of luck. I truly believe that without her I would not currently be a proud owner of my dream home. Back in March I was browsing Zillow when I came upon a house that fit every little thing on my dream home check list. I reached out to the listing agent and waited for a few days to get a response, but didn’t. My husband and I were desperate to schedule a viewing for the house and I began to reach out to other agents Zillow suggested and came upon Lisa. Out of about 5 agents I reached out to, Lisa was the ONLY one I received a response from and it was prompt. I spoke with Lisa that same evening and she said she will do her best to get us in for that weekend. When she called me back the next day, she had mixed news, there was another offer on the house but she was able to still get us in to see the home. Considering the other offer, Lisa suggested we use our time in NJ (we were coming from NY) to see other homes in the area. We spoke for a few minutes regarding the things that are important to us and what we are looking for. That same Saturday we met at Lisa’s office and she had scheduled a full day of viewings for us, hitting all our preferences spot on! We worked with a different agent before and even several appointments later they were unable to understand the things we liked. Lisa was so intuitive and she is an excellent listener, picking up on the smallest things we said. Before going out to view the homes she gave us an excellent background on NJ, the county and township. She shared a lot of valuable information so we can be fully informed on all the things we should consider when choosing a home. As first time home buyers that was invaluable information! After seeing the houses, there were several we liked but we were still in love with our original pick. I felt heartbroken thinking that with the other offer and a pretty tight budget I stood no chance. But thanks to Lisa’s expertise we put together the strongest offer we could that same night and she submitted it for consideration. She was with us for close to 12 hours that day between the showings and putting together a good offer. She made us feel comfortable and confident. The next day she called back with great news, our offer was accepted! But her work and support of us did not end there. She extended herself to us, providing every single contact we needed. From financing to inspections to legal. Her recommendations did not dissapoint! She truly knows the best people that are as dedicated as her to her clients. They all worked tirelessly to finish this deal for us that had several tricky situations come up. If it wasn’t for Lisa who stayed on top of everything and the people she knew will work hard for us, I can say with certainty that we would not have this house today! Lisa’s help did not stop at closing day either as she is still my constant “go-to” for local recommendations, advice and information. Overall, I could not be happier that I came across Lisa Soubasis. I have and will recommend her to all my friends and family for their real estate needs. She is knowledgeable, professional, dedicated and genuine. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a real estate professional especially as a nervous first time home buyer. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, I recommend you reach out to Lisa, I’m sure you will be as satisfied as we are!!!

— Julie C., Jackson, NJ